The Fly and Be Calm Fear Eraser is an audio download which has been used by thousands of people and now you can use it to erase your own fear of flying too. Based on cutting edge psychology, the Fly And Be Calm audio tracks combine a variety of principles to turn the fear right down in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.

In the video below, watch psychologist Peter Owen demonstrate the technique in action and observe the look complete surprise on the faces of fearful flyers as life long fears evaporate.


We recently asked an international corporation to identify a number of their employees who suffered from a major fear of flying. Many of these people had a lifetime of fear and anxiety which hadn’t responded to any other treatments.
After just one or two listens to the Fly and Be Calm™ Fear Eraser, their fear was erased and they were completely unable to bring up any fear at all (video above). The Fear Eraser had a 100% success rate on these randomly chosen people.
One of the participants flew two days later. She felt zero fear and had no need to use the technique again.
See here for her reaction to this experience
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Fly And Be Calm™ is a download consisting of 6 MP3 tracks which include instructions, the fear eraser and three hypnotic tracks. The 12 minute fear eraser track almost always removes anxiety after just one or two listens, though sometimes a little more repetition is required.

  • We are true experts in breaking the fear of flying.
  • Instant MP3 Downloads available
  • Great success rates
  • No quibble money-back guarantee!

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Our results really do speak for themselves. We have a huge first time success rate* at Fly and Be Calm. With such great value and such effective results, why not give it a try?

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This website is jam packed with information about the mind, how phobias develop and the various forms of treatment available for sufferers.

However for a brief snapshot of Fly And Be Calm™ and what it can achieve, please view this short video.

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