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Can you imagine confidently flying anywhere around the world without anxiety?

Fly and Be Calm Fear is an audio download which has been used by thousands of people and now you can use it to erase your own fear of flying too. Based on cutting edge psychology, the Fly And Be Calm audio tracks combine a variety of principles to turn the fear right down in a way that hasn’t been possible until now.

In the video below, watch psychologist Peter Owen demonstrate the technique in action and observe the look complete surprise on the faces of fearful flyers as life long fears evaporate.

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Raw footage of fearful flyers being interviewed before and after their flight after experiencing Fly and Be Calm.

The technologies underpinning Fly and Be Calm are creating a quiet revolution in the field of mental health.
A growing number of schools are astonished by the impact our techniques are having on distressed children.
Excited by our results, neuroscientists and psychologists are actively exploring the possibilities created by our methods.

We are at the forefront of major change in psychological treatments. Fly and Be Calm applies these powerful techniques to the fear of flying.
Welcome to the future of fear of flying removal.

Video Testimonials

More in depth video footage for each of the fearful flyers. See them transform before your eyes!

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What is Fly And Be Calm?

Here you will gain insight into the science behind this revolutionary method.

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Why Choose Us?

Here you will learn why Fly And Be Calm is head and shoulders above the rest.

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Our Treatments

Fly And Be Calm™ is a download consisting of 6 MP3 tracks which include instructions, the fear eraser and three hypnotic tracks. The 12 minute fear eraser track almost always removes anxiety after just one or two listens, though sometimes a little more repetition is required.

  • We are true experts in breaking the fear of flying.
  • Instant MP3 Downloads available
  • Great success rates
  • No quibble money-back guarantee!

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Our results really do speak for themselves. We have a huge first time success rate* at Fly and Be Calm. With such great value and such effective results, why not give it a try?

Personal 1 to 1 Help is Available

Some would prefer to be guided through the process of clearing the fears. Not only is Peter Owen an expert in removing the fear of flying but people from all over the world seek out Peter’s expertise in dealing with severe anxiety, stress, depression and a whole host of other emotional difficulties.  He also works in and trains specialist schools in the UK, which focus on helping children who have been through severe emotional distress and achieves remarkable results, often where other psychological help has failed to make any impact – see Healthy Young Minds.

Often this work is carried out over the phone or Skype, though can be done in person under special circumstances. Results are the same whether done in person or over the phone. In many cases, Peter is often happy to guarantee a dramatic change in how you feel no matter how severely you are currently suffering over the course of the session. Sessions typically last between 1-3 hours in length – shorter for a simple fear of flying issue.

Get in touch today for further information or to arrange an initial phone consultation – email [email protected]

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Conquer your fear with Fly and be Calm™

For just £39.99, Fly and Be Calm can really make a difference.


We know what it’s like to have a fear of flying. Months of anxiety leading up to a flight when really you should be excited about going on holiday or visiting loved ones. Every noise and movement amplifying the feeling of terror on the flight itself.

People try to help by reminding you it’s the safest form of transport. A part of you knows this fact but people don’t understand that this doesn’t bring down the fear. If only it were that easy there would be no fearful flyers

You really want to get rid of the fear but there seems to be so many options available, many of which are very expensive. A part of you doesn’t believe that anything or anyone can help because it feels as though the fear seems to be so deeply entrenched.

At Fly and Be Calm we are the absolute masters at switching off the fear of flying. Our core technologies are so powerful that scientists are now actively researching the possibilities they create.

We have taken these cutting edge technologies and created an audio download which can literally remove your fear from the comfort of your armchair. Imagine one moment being terrorised at the thought of flying and the next feeling very calm.

In most cases the fear simply does not come back. If it does come back a little on the flight, it is often far lower and the audio can be repeated for complete removal. We are so confident that most people will experience such a quick response to our program that we are happy to give you your money back if you feel no change within a week of purchasing Fly and Be Calm.

Imagine for a moment being a calm flyer. You book holidays and actually look forward to them without any background anxiety dampening your anticipation. Imagine being able to see loved ones and having more job opportunities. You can have this right now by taking action and downloading Fly and Be Calm.