“Fly And Be Calm” offers you a whopping 50% Commission.

It’s easy to become an affiliate of “Fly And Be Calm”.

Just 3 Simple Steps!

1) Sign up for the program
2) Advertise Your link
3) Get paid for the sales you make

We use for digital delivery. They are a leading digital product delivery company. This means it’s easy for you to join our program so you can quickly start making sales and be paid commission. They notify you of your sales and payment is made via PayPal on the 1st of each month.

Easy as ABC..

a) Sign up for the Fly And Be Calm affiliate program here:

b) Once you’re signed up with GETDPD get you link for “Fly And Be Calm”

c) Advertise your link and you’re on your way to being paid.

Here’s a couple of very simple ways you can do this.

On a website:
Long links can be easily embedded in websites and web pages you have access to. Even though the link is long it’s only the text “Fly And Be Calm” that people see:
EG <a href=”YOUR AFFILIATE LINK GOES HERE”>Fly And Be Calm</a>

You can also easily advertise a long link in print!
You can take people to your own website (eg: ) and direct them to “Fly And Be Calm” from there using the link provided.

Or …

You can also turn your link into a QR code using free software. A QR code is a graphic version of the link which can be put on leaflets, business cards etc.
A QR code looks like this.

People then simply scan it with their QR enabled smartphones and it will INSTANTLY take them to your link so they can buy and you get commission.
It’s actually VERY VERY Easy!

If you use a QR code then you can create it for free. A google search on “Free QR code generator” will show you several services that instantly turn your affiliate link into a QR code. You can can then include your QR code on business cards, leaflets, flyers, posters, emails etc..

You are very welcome to use the Fly And Be Calm graphics below for this purpose.
fly-and-Be-Calm-logo-800b fly-and-Be-Calm-logo-400b