cockpitHow Does Fly And Be Calm™ Differ From Other Options I Have?

Here at Fly And Be Calm™, we understand that when a person experiences such intense fear, it can feel as though nothing could ever be powerful enough to remove that fear. In fact even the thought of looking for help can be traumatic. For this reason we commend you for having the courage to look into possible options – doing so is your first step to becoming a calm flyer. When researching ways to remove a fear of flying, you will find dozens of options all costing different amounts of money and all claiming unparalleled success. Here we shall summarise some of the main options you have along with pros and cons.


Airline Fear of Flying Courses

Many of the big airlines have their own courses, which involve a day or more of talks/exercises/lectures, ending with a brief test flight. Often pilots will give a lecture explaining what all of the different noises you may hear whilst on an aircraft are and how safe flying actually is. The more effective courses will have a therapist who will teach you finger tapping and breathing techniques which can be used to calm nerves and distract a person from his anxiety. Another typical kind of therapy used in these situations is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy whose aim is to challenge the problem at the “thought” and “cognition” level. In other words, they will challenge thoughts that, “I won’t be able to cope”, or “something bad is going to happen”. The good thing about these courses is that you gain a greater understanding of how aeroplanes work. With greater understanding, fear of the unknown lessens and in some people this may help a little. Some also find that being with a group of other people all suffering in the same way comforting.

Going off the statistics that some of these companies present, you would think that there is very little chance of failure, with some quoting success rates as high as 98%. In truth this figure is often solely linked to the number of people who were able to fly after the course; if you decide to go on one of these courses please check how they measure this particular statistic. Many people with even an intense fear of flying are able to fly anyway. It is just an extremely unpleasant task which can cause months of anxiety leading up to the flight. If you have read the section on phobias already, you will have some understanding of how the fear arises.

The Fly And Be Calm™ techniques work on the subconscious mind where the fear is generated. Most people with a fear of flying understand at a conscious level that it is the safest form of transport and that they have more chance of dying in a car crash on the way to the airport than on the plane itself. This is why reassurances from a pilot or whoever will only be able to help a tiny percentage of people whose fear is based on a complete lack of knowledge and nothing more. Most people’s fears are based on deeper emotional issues which knowledge alone will not budge. What of the therapists on these courses? The predominant therapy used on courses such as these is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). CBT works by identifying and challenging beliefs that cause distress.

Unfortunately again, this is working at completely the wrong level and is why anxiety reduction is slow and needs to be backed up by distraction techniques when these techniques are employed. This is identical in nature to an individual who suffers from severe self-hate. Many with severe self-hate cannot logically explain why they hate themselves. A CBT therapist would try to challenge any thoughts a person has about themselves, but ultimately it is more of an intense feeling caused by life experiences, rather than any rationally thought out conclusion.

Time and again our “emotion eraser” techniques have been employed by cutting edge therapists to remove the feelings of self hate, after which no further “talk” is required – they feel fine in many cases with all self-hate gone!

The subconscious mind is a pattern matching machine. If it perceives certain life events as dangerous, it will generate anxiety in an effort to protect you. Whilst the subconscious mind is a gloriously sophisticated machine, the ability for disempowering pattern matching to occur is relatively easy. The subconscious mind responds to patterns in the environment along with the pleasure/pain principle. It DOES NOT respond to the use of logic. If it did we could just decide that flying was safe and that no fear was necessary any more. The Fly and Be Calm™ fear eraser has modelled out the pattern matching nature of the subconscious mind. In doing so the very mechanisms that are in place which generate the fear in the first place are reversed, thus bringing forth a feeling of calm neutrality.

As mentioned earlier whilst discussing self-hate, once the fear is gone, “talk therapy” simply isn’t required. This is because the emotion was holding the scary thoughts in place rather than the opposite way around. Imagine someone who previously was listening out for every noise that could possibly indicate potential danger whilst on a plane in a state of high anxiety. With this anxiety completely removed, his subconscious mind wouldn’t feel threatened, leaving him the time and energy to focus on his destination or what movie to watch on the in-flight entertainment.

The core technologies behind Fly And Be Calm were only released 4 years ago. Most therapists now train in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (which is the predominant style of therapy in the West) and at this point have little knowledge of how to undo the emotional underpinnings of problems such as these. Moreover they lack the knowledge that it is the emotion that holds the frightening thoughts and perceptions in place rather than the other way around. In addition to tackling the problem at the wrong level – the conscious level – these courses are often very expensive to cater for due to the highly paid personnel involved in putting the course together, along with the flight at the end. Finally, if you are trying to be rid of a problem, the worst possible thing you can do is to group together with a bunch of other people who are also experiencing the same issue. If you are feeling down and someone places you in a room with 20 severely depressed people, you can imagine it might not help you to get your spirits back!

Other Methods

If Fly And Be Calm™ didn’t exist, our recommendation would be to visit a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapists at least aim to work at the level of the mind where the problem exists – the subconscious mind. Various problems with this approach include:

• Expense

• Number of Potential Sessions Required

• The Huge Variation In Competence Of Hypnotherapists

• Lack Of Guarantee

12 minutes use of the Fly And Be Calm™ fear eraser can be more effective than half a dozen hypnotherapy sessions. Both aim to bypass the conscious mind but Fly And Be Calm™ does this at lightning speed, can be used as often as desired without extra expense and in many ways is like having an expert therapist available at your beck and call at all times.

Some fairly effective therapy tools include Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy and EMDR. They involve thinking of the fearful situation whilst tapping your body along certain meridian lines, or in the case of EMDR, tracking a therapists hand movements with your eyes. There is little proof that meridian lines exist but these techniques can help to alleviate some of the anxiety. They do this by initiating conscious mind activity (i.e. by eye tracking or tapping on meridian lines) whilst in the state of fear which over time can help a concept to be considered more rationally than purely processed through the amygdala.

Although these techniques do have their uses, in our experience they are often much slower and require much more repetition to have any effect that the techniques you will have at your finger tips in Fly And Be Calm™. It is like comparing a Porsche to a push bike because our technique doesn’t require a therapist and rather than guessing for example, that meridian lines exist and play a role, our technique has identified and exploits the actual processes involved in generating and neutralising fear.

Although Fly And Be Calm™ comes under this bracket, I hope the information you will have read so far will make you realise that what we offer is unique and unavailable anywhere else. Hypnosis downloads try to make you relax and tell you that “Everything is going to be ok”, without dealing with any of the specific problem emotional structures that are causing the anxiety in the first place. The same goes for hypnotherapists who use purely direct suggestion rather than regression/root caused hypnosis. It works purely at the belief level. If it does help to reduce anxiety a little, with the underlying emotional structure intact the fear and disempowering beliefs shall return or will require additional distraction techniques. Not only are the Fly And Be Calm™ hypnosis tracks created in a very special manner, but they used predominantly as backup to the fear neutraliser which performs the bulk of the work.

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