Help To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

Help to Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

Easyjet are now running courses at London Luton airport and will be running then in October 2014. For some people a fear of flying course seems like the obvious first step in overcoming a fear of flying. Here at Fly and Be Calm we belief that fear of flying courses do have their uses; in particular for those who feel they would benefit from knowing what all the strange noises you often hear in air craft are.

Often though there is a deeper seated anxiety involved which requires a little more than knowledge of how a plane works. Of course knowing what to expect can be very useful and these courses are great for that. In our experience all that is required is for the emotional significance given towards flying to be reduced.

We would recommend starting with the Fly and Calm System which is an easy to download and use system that fearful flyers can use straight away. There is a money back guarantee (see terms and conditions) and in most cases the fear will just completely disappear once the fear eraser has been applied. Click here to see a video demonstration of the technique in action

Peter Owen

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