Passengers Conquer Fear of Flying

Passengers Conquer Fear of Flying

In the realm of “fear of flying” treatments there has been a lot of originality. A particularly interesting idea is that of exposing people who are scared of flying to an experience quite similar to the experience of flying without the flight. Air Hollywood film studios have provided just such an experience.

Many years ago before big advances in treatment of fear and other emotional angst, a technique called systematic desensitization was prevalent. Imagine someone scared of a spider; if they were to undergo systematic desensitization  they would be told to think of a spider until their fear subsides. Next they may be asked to look at a picture of a spider, again until their fear subsides.

The challenges grow until a person is able to hold a spider with minimal emotional reaction. In a sense providing these sophisticated plane simulation devices can be used to allow a person to get used to the idea of flying without having to be on an aircraft.

The truth is, the subconscious mind doesn’t often reduce the emotional significance it attributes to  the object in question. In other words a person is able to do the things he set out to do but is still in a fearful state. One thing we find at Fly And Be Calm is that many other treatments have the aim of getting on a plane without drugs. In contrast the Fly And Be Calm method aims to eliminate the fear completely – to the point where a person is unable to bring up fear in the slightest.

This may sound far fetched but the fear eraser technology that forms part of the download is so reliable that we happily offer a money back guarantee. Please take a look at the video evidence of the technique in action here.

Peter Owen

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