Two days before her flight Toni used the Fly And Be Calm “Fear Eraser”. All anxiety completely disappeared and she was unable to bring any fear back.


Here is the post flight interview in which Toni expresses her amazement that despite challenging circumstances, not only was she completely calm on both flights, she also didn’t even need to use any of the Fly And Be Calm Toolkit at any point after the initial Fear Erase. This kind of response is typical of Fly And Be Calm users.
In this video Lisa explains the severity of her fear of flying. She discusses the various techniques she has tried in the past; none of which have had any effect.
You can see in the video the physiological manifestation of her fear which completely disappears after listening to the fear eraser. Like most people she is astonished to suddenly feel completely calm when previously she was in a state of high anxiety.
In this video Gareth talks about his life long severe fear of flying. He explains how he is effected months before the flight and nothing he has tried so far has had any impact on reducing his fear.
It isn’t clear in the video but before using the fear eraser his breathing was very tight and restricted. Also his chest was very tight as his anxiety at just the thought of flying had a huge effect on him both mentally and physically.
The fear eraser cleared both the mental anguish and the physiological response to the thought of flying. He was given a good 30 seconds to try to bring up any fear and he was incapable of doing so.
Julie was a confident flyer but developed a sudden fear during a flight and has an intense anxiety at the thought of flying ever since.
Her fear was so great that she recently had to cancel a holiday at the last minute. She listened to the fear eraser once, after which all anxiety completely disappeared and she says she feels like booking a holiday straight away!
Kelly’s phobia is typical of many people; bad turbulence on a particular flight kicked in her fear which has remained ever since. She is still able to fly but like many, the anxiety is high making any flights very unpleasant.
As expected the fear eraser completely removed all fear. Kelly describes that her scary thoughts are still there floating around in the background but without the feelings of fear. This kind of scenario is fairly common straight after the fear eraser. This is because big changes have just been made at the subconscious level and it can take a brief period of time before the conscious mind/thoughts catch up.
The unhelpful thoughts disappear of their own accord in most cases. The additional Fly And Be Calm tools help to bring about a positive expectancy of success. I recently spoke to Kelly who just back from holiday and was completely calm.

“I recently used “Fly And Be Calm” after my Fear of Flying was taking control of my life and I knew if I could not find a successful way to overcome this phobia I would never get to see much of the world. More importantly I had recently been accepted onto a Habitat for Humanity trip to Nepal and couldn’t refuse this once in a lifetime opportunity – Only downside was that it involved 2 x 6 hour flights there and back!! In the past 4 years I have suffered serious panic attacks on flights and my phobia would cause me months of worry and stress before my holiday flight was due, I got to a point where I would no longer go on a plane. I only had to listen to the fear neutraliser once alleviate the anxiety and worry I felt, throughout the session I could feel the worry slip from my mind. I have since flown on multiple occasions with no anxiety beforehand and no panic once on the plane. I would recommend this to anybody, the results have been live changing and I cannot thank Peter enough!”

Bev. S - #

“I was a little skeptical when I first came across “Fly and Be Calm”. It sounded too good to be true but I thought I had nothing to lose. I was amazed that I was actually unable to bring up any anxiety. The flight outwards was a breeze. However on the way back we had a night flight and I could feel the anxiety creeping back a little and until this point I didn’t realise that I was more afraid of flying in the dark. However it was easy to use the fear neutraliser on my phone which stopped the fear in its tracks. I have since flown many times without any issues whatsoever. I cannot recommend this enough.”

Wendy H - #

“My particular fear is not being in control. For this reason being on a plane was a major issue for me but I was able to use the tracks on “Fly and be Calm” whilst on the flight. It feels very strange having the bad feelings drain away. I don’t fully understand how it works but it absolutely does work. Very impressed.”

Lewis T - Name Subtitle

``A friend told about “Fly and Be Calm” whilst I was at the airport. I always have to have several drinks to keep on top of my anxiety but I gave this technique a try…I couldn’t believe that what seems like a simple procedure can have such an impact on how I feel. I did have to use the track again on the flight once but haven’t had to use it since. If someone had told me about this I probably wouldn’t have believed them…if only I had had this years ago!``

John D - #

“I had flown for years without any fear and then all of a sudden this intense anxiety seem to come out of nowhere. It wasn’t turbulence that bothered me; it was being boxed into a small space and the fear only started when I got on the plane. I listened to the track on my phone and after a few listens it suddenly clicked and I felt the angst disappear. It was quite remarkable considering how I felt a few moments earlier.”

Joe H - #
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